Cloudflare Pages

Cloudflare is a cloud solutions provider with a huge proprietary content delivery network. Like Netlify or Vercel Cloudflare Pages makes deployment process flexible and easy. You can add GitHub repo to the service and build&host Zola-bases websites after each PR automatically.


  1. Open or create the new one Cloudflare account and choice Pages on the right nav column
  2. Press the button "Create a project"
  3. Select the GitHub repo that contains your Zola website and connect it to Cloudflare Pages
  4. Click "Begin setup"
  5. Enter your project name and keep in mind, if you would like to use default Pages domain ( it will be your website future URL, like Also, select a production branch.
  6. In Build settings select Zola as a Framework preset. Build command and Build output directory will be filled automatically.
  7. Toggle Environment variables below and add ZOLA_VERSION as a variable name and 0.13.0 or an actual Zola's version as a value.
  8. Save and deploy.

Your website is now built and deployed to Pages. You may add custom domain or change some settings in the Pages dashboard.

Also, you may find well documented settings and howto Getting started with Cloudflare Pages and Deloying Zola with Cloudflare Pages in Developers portal.