Vercel (previously Zeit) is similar to Netlify, making the deployment of your site easy as pie. The sites are hosted by Vercel and automatically deployed whenever we push a commit to our selected production branch (e.g, master).

If you don't have an account with Vercel, you can sign up here.

🔗Automatic deploys

Once you sign up you can import your site from a Git provider (Github, GitLab or Bitbucket). When you import your repository, Vercel will try to find out what framework your site is using.

If it doesn't default to Zola:

  • Set Framework Preset as Zola.

By default, Vercel chooses output directory as public. If you use a different directory, then specify output directory under the "Build and Output Settings" dropdown. You can learn more about how to setup a custom domain and how to get the most out of Vercel via their documentation.

After you click the blue "Deploy" button, it's off to the races!