Zola provides pre-built binaries for MacOS, Linux and Windows on the GitHub release page.

🔗 macOS

Zola is available on Brew:

$ brew install zola

🔗 Arch Linux

Use your favourite AUR helper to install the zola-bin package.

$ yay -S zola-bin

🔗 Fedora

Zola is available in official repositories since Fedora 29.

$ sudo dnf install zola

🔗 FreeBSD

Zola is available in the official package repository.

$ pkg install zola

🔗 Snapcraft

Zola is available on snapcraft:

$ snap install --edge zola

🔗 Windows

Zola is available on Scoop:

$ scoop install zola

And Chocolatey:

$ choco install zola

Zola does not work in PowerShell ISE.

🔗 From source

To build it from source, you will need to have Git, Rust (at least 1.31) and Cargo installed. You will also need additional dependencies to compile libsass:

  • OSX, Linux and other Unix: make (gmake on BSDs), g++, libssl-dev
    • NixOS: Create a shell.nix file in the root of the cloned project with the following contents:
     with import <nixpkgs> {};
     pkgs.mkShell {
       buildInputs = [
    • Then invoke nix-shell. This opens a shell with the above dependencies. You then run cargo build --release to build the project.
  • Windows (a bit trickier): updated MSVC and overall updated VS installation

From a terminal, you can now run the following command:

$ cargo build --release

The binary will be available in the target/release folder. You can move it in your $PATH to have the zola command available globally or in a directory if you want for example to have the binary in the same repository as the site.