If the site config.toml file sets generate_feed = true, then Zola will generate a feed file for the site, named according to the feed_filename setting in config.toml, which defaults to atom.xml. Given the feed filename atom.xml, the generated file will live at base_url/atom.xml, based upon the atom.xml file in the templates directory, or the built-in Atom template.

feed_filename can be set to any value, but built-in templates are provided for atom.xml (in the preferred Atom 1.0 format), and rss.xml (in the RSS 2.0 format). If you choose a different filename (e.g. feed.xml), you will need to provide a template yourself.

Only pages with a date will be available.

The feed template gets five variables:

  • config: the site config
  • feed_url: the full url to that specific feed
  • last_updated: the most recent updated or date field of any post
  • pages: see page variables for a detailed description of what this contains
  • lang: the language code that applies to all of the pages in the feed, if the site is multilingual, or config.default_language if it is not

Feeds for taxonomy terms get two more variables, using types from the taxonomies templates:

  • taxonomy: of type TaxonomyConfig
  • term: of type TaxonomyTerm, but without term.pages (use pages instead)