Two things can get paginated: a section and a taxonomy term.

Both kinds get a paginator variable of the Pager type, on top of the common variables mentioned in the overview page:

// How many items per pager
paginate_by: Number;
// The base URL for the pagination: section permalink + pagination path
// You can concatenate an integer with that to get a link to a given pagination pager.
base_url: String;
// How many pagers in total
number_pagers: Number;
// Permalink to the first pager
first: String;
// Permalink to the last pager
last: String;
// Permalink to the previous pager, if there is one
previous: String?;
// Permalink to the next pager, if there is one
next: String?;
// All pages for the current pager
pages: Array<Page>;
// Which pager are we on
current_index: Number;

A pager is a page of the pagination: if you have 100 pages and are paginating 10 by 10, you will have 10 pagers containing each 10 pages.

🔗 Section

A paginated section gets the same section variable as a normal section page minus its pages. The pages are instead in paginator.pages.

🔗 Taxonomy term

A paginated taxonomy gets two variables aside from the paginator variable:

  • a taxonomy variable of type TaxonomyConfig
  • a term variable of type TaxonomyTerm.

See the taxonomies page for a detailed version of the types.