Zola Deploy to Github Pages on push

This is a Zola theme inspired to Codinfox-Lanyon, a Lanyon based theme for Jekyll. See a live demo here.

This theme places content first by tucking away navigation in a hidden drawer.

This theme supports:

  1. Theme colors: you can choose your favorite theme color (changing in _config.scss)
  2. Changable sidebar locations (reverse it by changing the boolean value in _config.scss)
  3. Integration of FontAwesome, MathJax, Disqus and Google Analytics
  4. Support for multilingual sites
  5. Support for Gravatar
  6. and numerous improvements over original Lanyon and Codinfox-Lanyon

All the configuration variables and their meaning are inside:

The options are fairly straightforward and described in comments.

Learn more and contribute on GitHub.

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to open an issue on GitHub or ask me on Twitter.

Before you start

Get a gravatar account and set this up with a profile image.

Add gravatar profile image to codinfox-zola theme

  1. login to
  2. click My Profile
  3. click view profile in RH sidebar beneath profile name
  4. click JSON
  5. copy the hash value on line 4
  6. paste the hash value to author.toml line 10

Install and use

To use this theme you can follow the instruction required by any Zola theme.

Simply clone this repository under the themes folder of your site's main folder.

Then, define the required extra variables in the config.toml (take it from the config.toml file of the theme), create and define the author.toml and nav.toml configuration files in the main folder of your site (the same level of the config.toml), and that's it!

To define your own home picture, put an image file in the static/img/ folder and set the path in the config.extra.image variable.

Now is possible to create the content inside the content folder as usual for Zola sites.

If you want to have a Blog with this theme, then create a folder inside the content folder containing all the blog posts in Markdown format. Zola automatically generate a section that you can manage as a blog. See an example in the live demo.


Open sourced under the MIT license.