d3c3nt is a simple, clean, and flexible theme for personal sites, made by FIGBERT for the Zola static site engine. This theme is developed mainly for use on my personal site, so new features and styles will be added when I stumble onto the need to make them.

All in all, it's fairly... decent.


To use d3c3nt in your own site, you have to add it to your themes directory. You can do this in a variety of ways, but I recommend adding it as a git submodule:

$ cd themes/
$ git submodule add git://git.figbert.com/d3c3nt.git

After installing the theme, set the top-level theme variable to "d3c3nt" in your config.toml.

For more information about Zola themes in general, check out Zola's official site. To find out more about d3c3nt's features and configuration, head over to the project's docs.


To learn more about me, feel free to check out my website and subscribe via the Atom feed. You can contact me via email at: figbert+d3c3nt@figbert.com.