Ergo Screenshot

A light, simple & beautiful Gutenberg theme made with a focus on writing. Inspired by sbvtle and Pixyll.

Like both those web designs, Ergo is a theme that emphasizes content, but still tries to be stylish. Frankly, the design is most like sbvtle ( but without the clever svbtle Engine, Javascript, community or kudos button (kudos is on the list of additions, though! But then i'll have to use JS...) If you find that you like all those things, please check out svbtle; this theme is meant as a lighter (free) alternative, and ergo's design will most likely diverge more in the future as this theme evolves with me and it's users (if there are any). This is not meant as a svbtle clone.

Here's a timelapse: Ergo Creation Timelapse


Get Gutenberg and/or follow their guide on installing a theme. Make sure to add theme = "ergo" to your config.toml

Check gutenberg version (only 0.4.1+)

Just to double-check to make sure you have the right version. It is not supported to use this theme with a version under 0.4.1.

how to serve

go into your sites directory, and type gutenberg serve. You should see your new site at localhost:1111.

Deployment to Github Pages or Netlify

Gutenberg already has great documentation for deploying to Netlify or Github Pages. I won't bore you with a regurgitated explanation.

Customizing the Theme

All colors used on the site are from sass/colors.scss. There's only about 5-6 colors total. Change them however you like! Feel free to go into theme and edit the colors. However, editing anything other than sass/colors.scss is strongly advised against. Continue at your own peril!

Theme Options

# Specify a profile picture to use for the logos in the theme. It can be svg, png, jpg, whatever, just make sure to copy the logo you want and put it in img/${YOUR_PROFILE}.*
# and update your config.toml accordingly
profile = 'profile.svg'

# website, should not be preceded with `http://`
website = ""

# github
github = "InsidiousMind" # case does not matter
# twitter
twitter = "liquid_think"
# email
email = "${MY_EMAIL}"
# instagram
instagram = "${your_insta}"
# youtube
youtube = "${your_youtube_channel_id}"
# if any social networks are missing from this list that you want added, open an issue. I will add it for you ASAP