A lightweight blog theme for Zola (and to my knowledge the first of now many themes created specifically for Zola).

Live demo 🔗


Developing & Contributing

Because feather comes with example content, you can run the theme just like any Zola blog with zola serve.


Using feather is easy. Install Zola and follow the guide for creating a site and using a theme. Then, add theme = "feather" to your config.toml file.

If you intend to publish your site to GitHub Pages, please check out this tutorial.

You can specify tags taxonomies .


Zola allows themes to define [extra] variables in the config. Here's a full list of theme variables with example values and comments.

title = "My site" # Otherwise, this will read "Home" in the nav

feather_analytics = "<script></script>" # basically just a place to put extra scripts
feather_disqus_domain = "mysite-com" # disqus embeds, if you want that