A lightweight theme for zola

Feather is a blog theme specifically designed for the static site generator Zola. It's as far as I know the first theme for the platform that isn't a port or just contained within template files.

Feather is not intended for anything other than blogs.

Developing & Contributing

Because feather comes with example content, you can run the theme just like any Gutenberg blog with zola serve. Your changes will autoreload!


Please don't edit the content folder directly for your own blog, use it as a theme like intended!


Using feather is easy. Install Zola and follow the guide for creating a site and using a theme. Then, add theme = "feather" to your config.toml file.

If you intend to publish your site to Github Pages, please check out this tutorial.


Zola allows themes to define [extra] variables in the config. Here's a full list of theme variables with example values and comments.

# specify an image for the big header at the top of the page.
# this will be a background cover image, so make it large enough
# so that it won't upscale enough to pixelate
feather_header_image = "/theme_images/default.gif"

# if you want comments, add your disqus embed code here.  
# you can obtain a code on the disqus website.
feather_disqus_code = "<div id='disqus_thread'></div><script> var disqus_config = ... etc ... etc ..."

# if you'd like people to be able to donate to you, you can include a donate link
# to be displayed in the footer of the website.
feather_donate_link = "https://paypal.me/piedoomy"

# if you want analytics, add your tracking code HTML here.
feather_analytics = "<script async src='https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtag/... etc ... etc ..."


Feather also provides several features optional.

Using Categories and Tags

In order to use categories and tags, you'll need to enable their compilation by adding the following lines to your config.toml (make sure they aren't under [extra]):

generate_categories_pages = true
generate_tags_pages = true

Live demo

My dev site uses the latest version of feather.