A clean and simple personal site/blog theme for Zola.



Clone this repo into your themes folder:

cd themes
git clone https://github.com/InputUsername/zola-hook.git hook

Then, enable it in your config.toml:

theme = "hook"


The following templates are built-in:

Templates have the following Tera blocks:

You can define links to include in the header on the homepage in config.toml:


links = [
    { title = "Link display text", href = "http://example.com" },
    # ...

Pages in the root section can define extra.in_header = true to be included in the header links on the homepage.

The content in the root _index.md is included in the homepage if present.

Below that is a list of the 20 most recent posts. For this, the blog/_index.md section is expected to exist (will error if it doesn't exist). There is also a link to an archive of all blog posts by year.

Hook supports light/dark mode based on the user's preference. There is also a manual toggle button (requires JavaScript).




Blog post

Blog post

Blog archive

Blog archive

Dark mode

Dark mode


MIT license, see LICENSE.