An elegant and understated theme for Zola

Zola Inky (view demo) is a theme by jimmyff and mr-karan for the Zola static site generator. This theme was originally based on the hugo-ink theme, ported by mr-karan. It was then packaged and developed further by jimmyff. The theme is available on Github under the MIT license, for more information on how to use it please see the readme and check the changelog for a list of the latest changes.



For latest changes please see the changelog.


Getting started

  1. Add this theme to your themes/ folder (recommended method: git submodule).
  2. Copy of the the theme's config.toml file and put in your projects root directory. Update it as required and don't forget to add theme = 'zola-inky' at the top of the file.
  3. Copy this contents of the content/ directory the root of your project and change the files as your necessary.

Customising the theme

Using the responsive image shortcode

Using the responsive images will make sure your images are generated at various sizes and served up to viewers at the size that best suits their device via the image srcset attribute. You can use this feature in your markdown like so:

{{ image(src="yourimage.jpg", alt="This is my image") }}

Feature requests & support

I'm afraid I'm unable to accept feature requests or provide user support for this theme. The Zola documentation and Tera documentation are great resources and there is a Zola discussion forum. If you've found a bug in the themse please open a github issue.


Contributions are very welcome! If you are planning to add a feature to the theme then feel free to open an issue to discuss your approach and we will be able to say if it's it will likely be accepted. Please keep the following in mind:

New theme maintainers are welcome but should provide pull-request or two first!