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Fmatch Karzok


Karzok uses npm,zola to dependency managment,rendering, scripts and plugins.


  1. Zola
  2. Node.js

for your platform.


  1. yj

    for transfer toml file in yaml

  2. docker

    for packaging container

  3. rsync

    A better copy and move

Get Started

1. Create a new zola site

zola init zola_site

2. Download this theme to you themes directory:

git clone zola_site/themes

or install as submodule:

cd zola_site
git init # if your project is a git repository already, ignore this command
git submodule add zola_site/themes

3. Configuration. Open in favorite editor config.toml

base_url = "" # set-up for production
theme = "karzok"

See more in Karzok Configuration

4. Added new content

    cp ./themes/content/ content/
    # a template will appear with which you can quickly start writing
    # cp ./themes/content/ content/

how you can give freedom to your creativity

5. Run the project

i. development enviroment

  1. Install node dependencies needed to work
npm run gen # don't use npm install before that
  1. Just run zola serve in the root path of the project
zola serve

Open in favorite browser Saved changes live reolad.

ii. production enviroment

  1. Build docker image
docker build .

or if installed docker-compose

docker-compose build
  1. Run containers
docker start -d -p 80:80 container_id

or if installed docker-compose

docker-compose up -d

Open in favorite browser https://localhost


options under the [extra]

  1. math - rendering math formulas throught katex
  2. favicon - set path to favicon icon import(default favicon)
  3. localcdn- if you want to store all assets on your domain, then enable this setting
  4. cdnurl - you can customize your url to store assets,default use jsdelivr
  5. show_word_count - allowing you to show number of words
  6. show_reading_time- allowing you to show reading time
  7. children- for header nesting to work
  8. [[]] - the main navigation on the site
  9. [[extra.header]] - the header navigantion for the site


All pages are extend to the base.html, and you can customize them as need.


This program is Free Software: You can use, study share and improve it at your will. Specifically you can redistribute and/or modify it under the terms of the Apache 2.0


Make sure to read the Code of Conduct

Find bugs and come up with features

On the or github issues

Improve Code

The Karzok is stored in the repository at and mirror github

Thank you so much for any help