Zola PaperMod

A work in progress port of the hugo-PaperMod theme by @adityatelange to Zola

Demo @ https://cydave.github.io/zola-theme-papermod/



  1. Download the Theme
git submodule add https://github.com/cydave/zola-theme-papermod themes/papermod
  1. Add theme = "papermod" to your zola config.toml
  2. Copy over the example content to get started
cp -r themes/papermod/content content


Papermod customizations exist under a designated extra.papermod section. Refer to config.toml for available options.


If you would like to help out porting hugo-Papermod to Zola feel free to pick up a feature and start working on it. All help, no matter how small the contribution is highly appreciated.