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polymathic is a Zola portfolio theme.

I made it for my own portfolio. The theme is called polymathic, inspired by individuals with a wide range of talents. The theme focuses on rich and consistent navigation experience, exposing the variety of topics to chose from, yet allowing the user to focus on a single thread of your story once they've made a choice.

Docs and theme demo are available here main--polymathic-demo.netlify.app

This theme uses Bulma scss framework, making the theme styles highly customizable and enabling mobile first theme design.

This theme uses Animate.css for animations.

This theme adds minimal Open Graph tags to every page head.

You can quickly deploy the theme to netlify, theme comes with a config file.


See all features demonstrated in the docs.

Media support

The theme is friendly to wide range of screen sizes from mobile to fullhd. Theme comes with minimal styles for print media.

Dark mode

Theme includes preference based dark mode as separate stylesheet. No switch.


This theme automatically finds accessible colors when using customizations, with minimal config.

This theme supports no script environments.

This theme respects user preference for reduced motion.

This theme builds navigation for your site. The outcome is highly customizable via your config.toml and front-matter of your sections.


The theme comes with templates for index.html, page.html, section.html, taxonomy_list.html, taxonomy_single.html, 404.html. You can use them in your Zola project as is or by extending them, templates are divided in blocks and partials/*.html for convenience of extending the theme.

Brand and style

The theme is highly customizable via config.toml and sass variables. Your customization can start from just the primary color or extend all the way to bulma variables.


The theme comes with several shortcodes for building forms, galleries, navigation cards and banners.


Once you already have zola installed and ran zola init, then run from your project directory

$ git init
$ git submodule add https://github.com/anvlkv/polymathic themes/polymathic

You will also need npm installed, then run

$ npm --prefix themes/polymathic install

For those using netlify deployments config is available here

$ cp themes/polymathic/netlify.toml netlify.toml

In your config.toml Set zola theme to polymathic

theme = "polymathic"


Issues or contributions are welcome. Also, curious what you make with it.