Zola Resume

Chinese Version

Redesigned form hugo resume.


Quick Start

git clone git@github.com:alongwy/zola-resume.git
cd zola-resume
zola serve
# open


Just earlier we showed you how to run the theme directly. Now we start to install the theme in an existing site step by step.

Step 1: Create a new zola site

zola init mysite

Step 2: Install zola-resume

Download this theme to your themes directory:

cd mysite/themes
git clone git@github.com:alongwy/zola-resume.git

Or install as a submodule:

cd mysite
git init  # if your project is a git repository already, ignore this command
git submodule add git@github.com:alongwy/zola-resume.git themes/zola-resume

Step 3: Configuration

Enable the theme in your config.toml in the site derectory:

theme = "zola-resume"

Or copy the config.toml.example from the theme directory to your project's root directory:

cp themes/zola-resume/config.toml.example config.toml


cp themes/zola-resume/static/admin/config.yml static/admin/config.yml

and change those

# static/admin/config.yml

  name: github
  branch: BRANCH
  cms_label_prefix: netlify-cms/
  site_domain: DOMAIN.netlify.com

Step 4: Add new content

You can copy the content from the theme directory to your project:

cp -r themes/zola-resume/data .
cp -r themes/zola-resume/content .

You can modify or add new posts in the content/blog, content/projects or other content directories as needed.

Step 5: Run the project

Just run zola serve in the root path of the project:

zola serve

This will start the Zola development web server accessible by default at Saved changes will live reload in the browser.



See along's site for a live example.

Setup & Use

This theme uses a combination of custom sections and some data files to drive content.


Edit the main contents/_index.md with a brief bio/summary

Data files

Data files are used for simple content presented on the homepage.


The difference indicates your role as originator or colaborator.


Similar to projects, create them under publications. Include any papers, speaking engagements, articles, etc.

Blog / Posts

Similar to posts, create them under blog. Include any thoughts, musiings, etc. This template does not support a posts folder

Template params

Almost All personal information outside the above details is captured by extra in config.toml, or can be edited in the "Settings" collection if using CMS.

CMS Editor with Netlify CMS

Does not require deployment to Netlify!

Netlify CMS is an open source project that enables CMS like experience for static site generation tools like Hugo. This theme includes a fully working integration and guide in static/admin


This project ports the Hugo Resume theme by Feng Yunlong to support zola.