Slim is a minimal, clean and beautiful theme for Zola.

This theme was ported to Zola, the original is available at zhe/hugo-theme-slim. It is excellent, thank you zhe!

Slim screenshot



cd themes
git clone slim

See the official docs for more information.


Slim supports a tags taxonomy by default. This can be enabled by setting it in your config.toml:

taxonomies = [
    {name = "tags", paginate_by = 5, rss = true}

There are a couple of extra options supported:

# Show a summary of a post in a list
slim_summary = false
# Show the content of a post in a list
slim_content = false
# Links to show at the top of the menu
slim_menu = [
    {url = "$BASE_URL/tags", name = "Tags"}
# Links to show at the bottom of the menu
slim_social = [
    {url = "", name = "Github"}


Open sourced under MIT license.