A fast, lightweight, and modern Zola theme. It aims to be a personal page and home to blog posts.

See a live preview here.

tabi (旅): Journey.


tabi has a perfect score on Google's Lighthouse audit:



See the project's roadmap here.

Quick start

git clone
cd tabi
zola serve

Open in the browser.


To add tabi to you existing Zola site:

  1. Initialize a Git repository in your project directory (if you haven't already):
git init
  1. Add the theme as a git submodule:
git submodule add themes/tabi

Or clone the theme into your themes directory:

git clone themes/tabi

Required configuration

  1. Enable the theme in your config.toml:
theme = "tabi"
  1. Set a title in your config.toml:
title = "Your Site Title"
  1. Create a content/ file with the following content:
title = "Home"
paginate_by = 5 # Set the number of posts per page
template = "index.html"

If you want to serve your blog posts from a different path, such as blog/, add a section_path in the [extra] section of content/ (this file will need pagination):

section_path = "blog/"
  1. If you want an introduction section (see screenshot above), add these lines to content/
header = {title = "Hello! I'm tabi~", img = "$BASE_URL/img/main.webp" }

The content outside the front matter will be rendered between the header title and the posts listing. In the screenshot above, it's the text that reads "tabi is a fast, lightweight, and modern Zola theme…".


This theme was inspired by:


Please do! Take a look at the Contributing Guidelines to learn more.


The code is available under the MIT license.