a minimalist and dark theme for Zola.


Live Preview!

Largely a port of Radek Kozieł's Terminal Theme for Hugo. 4/5ths of my way through porting this theme, I discovered Paweł Romanowski own independent fork for Zola, Terminimal, which helped me get the PostCSS to Sass styling conversion done more quickly. My sincerest thanks to both of you!


This theme is largely true to the original by Radek, but there are some mild differences. They are almost all stylistic in nature and are intended to emphasize minimalism even more. Some of them are as follows:

Some of these might be added later and PR's are always welcomed.


Please follow the Zola documentation for how to use a theme.

In config.toml, you will find all values for customization that are supported thus far have documentation explaining how they are used. If there is any confusion or something is not working as intended, please open an issue!


You can use KaTeX for mathematical typesetting. Assets are only available if you opt-in on a per-page level through a single line (math=true) on the extra section of the page frontmatter.

# index.md
title="this page title"



Pages wich doesn't opt-in are not affected in any way, so you doesn't have to worry about any performance hit.


MIT. See LICENSE.md for more details.