An elegant but still playful theme for Zola powered by Spectre.css.

It is especially optimized for mobile navigation (optionally without JavaScript, if you don't like fancy stuff).

DEMO: https://zhuia.netlify.app/



First download this theme to your themes directory:

$ cd themes
$ git clone https://github.com/gicrisf/zhuia.git

and then enable it in your config.toml:

theme = "zhuia"

Posts should be placed directly in the content folder.

To sort the post index by date, enable sort in your index section content/_index.md:

sort_by = "date"




Set a title and description in the config to appear in the site header and on the RSS feed:

title = "Der Prozess"
description = "a novel written by Franz Kafka in 1914"


Most SEO tags are populated by the page metadata, but you can set the author and for the og:image tag provide the path to an image:


author = "Timothy Morton"
og_image = "Hyperobjects.png"

You can choose between two modes:

mobile menus


Set a field in extra with a key of footer_links:


# Freely comment out or delete every field
social_links = [
    {url = "https://t.me/yourname", name = "telegram"},
    {url = "https://twitter.com/gicrisf", name = "twitter"},
    {url = "https://github.com/gicrisf", name = "github"},
    # {url = "", name = "facebook"},
    # {url = "", name = "instagram"},
    # {url = "", name = "bookstack"},
    # {url = "", name = "dokuwiki"},

social buttons

The theme automatically picks up the right icons. We can expand the support to other social, for sure: make a PR or open an enhancement issue to ask a new implementation.

You can add your own copyright or whatever to the footer with a through a simple option on the config file:


footer_tagline = "What if everything is an illusion and nothing exists? In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet."


The name arise from two parts:

The theme is built on Spectre CSS framework, so I found reasonable evoking a spectral species.


This theme is based on a Pelican theme I originally made for my blog, which was in turn based on the Grav theme Quark.

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Open sourced under the MIT license.