Henry is a single-column Zola theme based on the original Jekyll styles.

Demo -> https://sirodoht.github.io/zola-henry/

screenshot for home page

screenshot for posts

screenshot for any other page


First download this theme to your themes directory:

$ cd themes
$ git clone https://github.com/sirodoht/zola-henry.git henry

and then enable it in your config.toml:

theme = "henry"


Set a field in extra with a key of henry_links:

henry_links = [
    {url = "about", name = "About"},
    {url = "https://github.com/benbalter", name = "GitHub"},

Each link needs to have a url and a name.

By default Henry ships with GitHub icon link in the right side of the footer. You can change its link href in your config.toml.

henry_github = "https://github.com/sirodoht/zola-henry"

Twitter is too mainstream and a bit lame, but 100% of our users have requested, so we offer it.

henry_twitter = "https://twitter.com/benbalter"