Abridge Zola Theme

A fast, lightweight, and modern Zola theme utilizing abridge.css (a class-light semantic HTML CSS Framework). Perfect Lighthouse, YellowLabTools, and Observatory scores. Here is a Zola Themes Benchmarks Page.

Lighthouse Score

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View Abridge demo

View Abridge.css demo [abridge.css framework]

The Abridge.css demo is simply using Abridge theme as a submodule: config.toml, sass/abridge.scss


Complete Documentation is available here

Quick Start

This theme requires version 0.18.0 or later of Zola

git clone https://github.com/jieiku/abridge.git
cd abridge
zola serve
# open in the browser


The Quick Start shows how to run the theme directly. Next we will use abridge as a theme to a NEW site.

1: Create a new zola site

yes "" | zola init mysite
cd mysite

2: Install Abridge

Add the theme as a git submodule:

git init  # if your project is a git repository already, ignore this command
git submodule add https://github.com/jieiku/abridge.git themes/abridge
git submodule update --init --recursive
git submodule update --remote --merge

Or clone the theme into your themes directory:

git clone https://github.com/jieiku/abridge.git themes/abridge

3: Configuration

Copy some files from the theme directory to your project's root directory:

rsync themes/abridge/.gitignore .gitignore
rsync themes/abridge/config.toml config.toml
rsync themes/abridge/content/_index.md content/
rsync -r themes/abridge/COPY-TO-ROOT-SASS/* sass/
rsync themes/abridge/netlify.toml netlify.toml
rsync themes/abridge/package_abridge.js package_abridge.js
rsync themes/abridge/package.json package.json

Uncomment the theme line in your project's root config.toml:

sed -i 's/^#theme = "abridge"/theme = "abridge"/' config.toml

4: Add new content

Copy the content from the theme directory to your project or make a new post:

rsync -r themes/abridge/content .

5: Run the project

Just run zola serve in the root path of the project:

zola serve

Zola will start the dev web server, accessible by default at

Saved changes will live reload in the browser. (press ctrl+f5, or while developing set pwa=false in config.toml)


For further customization be sure to check the docs.

Do you love this theme? Was it useful to you? Please leave a github star, and if you feel inclined to donate you can make a donation to me through github sponsors.

Contributing and Philosophy

We'd love your help! Especially with fixes to issues, or improvements to existing features.

The goal is for Abridge to be lightweight, fast, and to work properly even if javascript is disabled or blocked.

The only feature that may be considered a necessity that relies on javascript is the Search.


Abridge is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.