A simple blog theme focused on writing powered by Bulma and Zola.


Live Demo

Live version of the website is available at here


Get Zola and follow their guide on installing a theme. Make sure to add theme = "DeepThought" to your config.toml

Check zola version (only 0.9.0+) Just to double-check to make sure you have the right version. It is not supported to use this theme with a version under 0.9.0.

How to serve?

Go into your sites directory, and type zola serve. You should see your new site at localhost:1111.

NOTE: you must provide the theme options variables in config.toml to serve a functioning site


Zola already has great documentation for deploying to Netlify or Github Pages. I won't bore you with a regurgitated explanation.

Theme Options

navbar_items = [
	{ url = "$BASE_URL/", name = "Home" },
	{ url = "$BASE_URL/posts", name = "Posts" },
	{ url = "$BASE_URL/docs", name = "Docs" },
	{ url = "$BASE_URL/tags", name = "Tags" },
	{ url = "$BASE_URL/categories", name = "Categories" },

# Add links to favicon, you can use to generate favicon for your site
favicon_16x16 = "/icons/favicon-16x16.png"
favicon_32x32 = "/icons/favicon-32x32.png"
apple_touch_icon = "/icons/apple-touch-icon.png"
safari_pinned_tab = "/icons/safari-pinned-tab.svg"
webmanifest = "/icons/site.webmanifest"

# Author details
name = "DeepThought"
avatar = "/images/avatar.png"

# Social links
email = "<email_id>"
facebook = "<facebook_username>"
github = "<github_username>"
gitlab = "<gitlab_username>"
keybase = "<keybase_username>"
linkedin = "<linkedin_username>"
stackoverflow = "<stackoverflow_userid>"
twitter = "<twitter_username>"

# To add google analytics
google = "<your_gtag>"

# To add hyvor comments
hyvor = "<your_hyvor_website_id>"

# To enable mapbox maps
access_token = "<your_access_token>"