🦎 Mabuya

Mabuya is a minimal Zola theme for building light and SEO-ready blogs.
Put your work front and center with Mabuya as the base of your project.


Mabuya screenshot

β“˜ Background

While searching for themes, I came across Zola Tale. Sadly, the project's last update was on Dec, 2021. Shortly after, I decided to fork the project and add my own touches to it.

The name Mabuya comes from the Mabuya hispaniolae, a possibly extinct1 species of skink endemic to the Dominican Republic, my home country.

✨ Features and Improvements

While working on the theme, I have added new functionality and made many quality of life improvements. Here's a short list:

πŸš€ Quick Start

Before using the theme, you need to install Zola β‰₯ v0.18.0.

1. Clone the repo

git clone git@github.com:semanticdata/mabuya.git

2. Change directory into clone

cd mabuya

3. Serve the site locally

zola serve

For more detailed instructions, visit the Documentation page about installing and using themes.

🎨 Customization

You can change the configuration, templates and content yourself. Refer to the config.toml, and templates for ideas. In most cases you only need to modify the contents of config.toml to customize the appearance of your blog. Make sure to visit the Zola Documentation.

Adding custom CSS is as easy as adding your styles to sass/_custom.scss. This is made possible because SCSS files are backwards compatible with CSS. This means you can type normal CSS code into a SCSS file and it will be valid.

πŸ”„ Workflows

πŸ”¨ Build only

  - name: Checkout
    uses: actions/checkout@v4
  - name: Install Zola
    uses: taiki-e/install-action@zola
  - name: Build Zola
    run: zola check --drafts
      BUILD_ONLY: true
      GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{/* secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN */}}

πŸ“’ Deployment

  - name: Checkout
    uses: actions/checkout@v4
  - name: Install Zola
    uses: taiki-e/install-action@zola
  - name: Build site
    run: zola build
      GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{/* secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN */}}
  - name: Upload site artifact
    uses: actions/upload-pages-artifact@v3
      path: public
  - name: Deploy to GitHub Pages
    id: deployment
    uses: actions/deploy-pages@v4

🚩 Reporting Issues

We use GitHub Issues as the official bug tracker for Mabuya. Please search existing issues. It’s possible someone has already reported the same problem. If your problem or idea is not addressed yet, open a new issue.

🀝 Contributing

We'd love your help! Please see CONTRIBUTING and our Code of Conduct before contributing.

πŸ’œ Acknowledgements

Mabuya is a fork of Tale, which itself is a port of the Jekyll theme Tale which is now archived.

The icons used throughout the site are kindly provided by UXWing. Read their license.

©️ License

Source code in this repository is available under the MIT License.


Mabuya hispaniolae's conservation status is Critically endangered, possibly extinct.